Friday, June 12, 2009


We are SO THRILLED to announce that Emma Marie will FINALLY be a big sister!!! Our baby girl we be born in just a FEW DAYS! Praise God!

A few details:

Tuesday, June 9th -We got a call from Agency informing us a birthmother would be looking at our profile the next day (along with other familes.)

Wednesday, June 10th-birthmother looked at our profile

Thursday, June 11th -We got one call around noon with questions and info saying she was HIGHLY considering us.......THEN at 1:36 pm we got THE CALL!! They said, "well are you ready for a baby girl?"

Baby Mia will be born in Colorado Springs, we will head down there on Monday, June 15th. We'll keep everyone posted by facebook and this blog.

Prayer requests:

health of baby (so far everything seems just fine)
safe delivery
birthmother being at peace/her emotions during this HEART WRENCHING time
The birthmother wants this to be a closed adoption, meaning no contact with baby. PLEASE pray for God's leading in how to handle this since we have an amazing relationship with Emma's b-mom. And please pray for her healing/mourning process.
for Emma Marie-she won't be coming to the hostpital with us, but WILL get to come visit. ;) That God will help prepare her heart for SHARING a mommmy and daddy. She is SOOOO excited!

We'll post pics hopefully Tuesday or so!!!!!

THanks for your prayers!!

Brian, Cindy, Emma Marie and Baby Mia!!!

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