Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Photography by Lyndsey Lewis-Lead of Love Photography

H i everyone!!! Well, I did it!!! I did my dance show! It was an
overwhelming, yet AWESOME experience!! My dance show was called, "The
Joy of Christmas" put on by Mary Constantine Nelson Dance Company. It
was a beautiful show. Anyways, I did get a little stage fright during
dress rehearsal AND the 2nd performance. The back stage at the
Lincoln Center has a REALLY DARK stair case that we had to stand it.
Pretty scary for a little 3 year old like ME!! Anyways, I got scared
and didn't dance at the dress rehearsal. BUT at the opening night, I
did the WHOLE dance, even after crying a bit back stage. My really
good teenage friend, Sadie helped me feel better. She is a dancer
too. Mommy was really nervous when she was sitting in the audience
the first night, I guess she had a tummy ache, Grandma was nervous too! When I came out on
stage, she said that she, daddy and grandma all cried, a happy cry. I
don't get that! Last night, (the second night) I got a little scared
of that dark staircase again and didn't run out at the beginning of
the dance, but Mommy encouraged me to run out in the middle of it, I
DID IT!! HEHEHE!! That was kind of funny actually.

This is a picture of me in my stage makeup!! It was fun getting a "done up!"

Emma Marie

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Serious Ballet Dancers STRETCH!
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Trick O Treat
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Fall 2007

Emma and Mommy took a beautiful walk on the Pourdre Trail.
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Spelling Change-Miyah to Mia

Everyone is misprouncing her name. It's because of the way we wanted to spell it. We like the way Miyah looks on paper but we have realized that if we keep it that way the poor girl will constantly be saying, "It's MEEEEEEAH, Not MIIIIIIYA." That may get old quick. Brian was concerned about MIA standing for MISSING IN ACTION......I think he is the only one who even tought of that. So, it's Mia!!

We still wait and update or paperwork. We had a homestudy update in August and go for fingerprint updates in Denver tomorrow. Please pray that we continue to have patience through this long wait. I have to admit I am feeling a little discouraged about it again. It's so hard to think we may have to wait 3 years, could even be longer. We need prayer for patience AND prayer that if God has a different plan/path for us that we would recognize it and act on it.

Emma Marie keeps talking about her baby sister. Just the other day she said, "I am SO excited my baby sister is coming soon!" Maybe it's a sign?????

I am going to start posting more pictures of our family so you can watch Emma Marie grow on this blog.

Garage Sale Fundraiser-How much did you raise?

Hi everyone!! Thanks for stopping by!! We are so sorry we haven't updated this is a long time. Since the garage sale, we have been NON stop busy with one thing after another!! Wheeeew!! The garage sale this summer was amazing!! WE had so many wonderful friends helping out as well as donating tons of stuff to sell. We raised approximately $3,700!!! It was very successful!! Ben and Mellissa Nugent were surprised with 1/2 of the raised money for their upcoming adoption from Russia. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to help another family out. In fact it has been laid on our hearts to start a ministry at church to raise funds for others that wish to apply for grants to adopt. We hope to do that sometime in the near future. IF you are interested in being involved in that ministry, please let us know. We will continue to do our own fundraising as well.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So, how's the adoption going?

It' funny, SO many people have asked this question throughout the process BUT I can't even tell you how many people have asked in the last few weeks!! ;) Anyways, we so appreciate that so many people want to follow our jouney by keeping updated and also praying for our family. Thanks everyone.

The thing is, there really isn't going to be anything to report on for a LONG time. Could be 3 years!!! We are in a line of around 30,000 applicants ahead of us. So, we just wait until it's our turn. Throughout the wait we will have to update homestudies, paperwork, etc as well as pay more fees upon each update. ;(

What is the reason for the long wait? Well back in 2005, the wait was pretty short, around 6 or so months, and China has always been knows to be a very stable program. So, back in 2005-fall of 2006 thousands of adoptive parents applied to adopt from China. They are now dealing with a HUGE backlog of applicants vs. "paper ready" children. They are still referring children to parents that applied back in 2005 in fact. I understand that there are only a certain amount of children let out of China per year, so the large number of applicants just means a longer wait. Too bad We couldn't all just go over there and get them all at once!! ;)

People also ask us why we don't change countries since it is such a long wait. Believe us, the thought has crossed our minds many times. Every time it does though and we pray about it we feel God is still telling us that our next daughter is already planned out for us and she is from China. We just have to be patient.

So, there is our update. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


We have updated our fundraiser section. Please scroll down. ;)

Monday, April 2, 2007

Trying NOT to focus on the LONG WAIT

I keep catching myself wishing the time would go by fast so Emma can have her sister Miyah. Then I have to stop myself and remember that as parents we are always so amazed and saddened about how quickly time goes and how our kids grow up too fast!! While I have a reminder EVERY day with Emma talking about her baby sister Miyah (she REALLY wants to be a big sister,) I just have to take a breath and remember to enjoy EVERY day with Emma. She is 2 1/2 and will be 3 in July. She is learning so much, talks UP A STORM, loves playing with her friends and matures each and every day. Please pray we will remain patient through this wait and are just able to savor EVERY moment with our beautiful little family!! ;)

Here is a checklist of things I want to complete before Miyah arrives:
1. Emma's 1st year scrapbook. Then, I think the rest will be digital scrapbooks which I can print. I enjoy working on the computer way more than scrapbooking. ;)
2. Emma's new big girl room. It will be a girly room!
3. Start Emma in dance lessons. She can start when she is 3!! ;)
4. Take Emma to Disneyland!! We are going this summer!!
5. Take Emma camping. We haven't done this yet!! This is the summer!
6. Paint Emma and Miyah's bathroom.
7. Re-paint the basement. It is now a music room/playroom so the current colors (broncos blue and nightclub red) just look silly!
8. Start playing my piano on a regular basis again and enjoy that with Emma.
9.Continue raising fees to cover adoption fees.
10. Take out grass where play area is and put in pea gravel so it's a nice play area. DONE!
11. PRAY!!! Teach Emma God loves her.

This list to be continued..................................................................................................

Friday, February 16, 2007

I can't wait to hold my Mei Mei Miyah!!

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I am doing the Happy Dance!!!!

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Please Please Miyah!! Come Soon!!!

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Announcing Our Paper Pregnancy!!!!!

Mei Mei means LITTLE SISTER!!!! And Emma talks about her Little Sister EVERY DAY!! We would like to announce our Paper Pregnancy!! Ya, that sounds weird, but that is what it is considered!! ;) We are FINALLY Logged into China!!!! That means China has put us on their wait list. We found out today (February 16th, 2007) that our Log in Date is February 6th, 2007!! It is looking like our wait will be VERY long, around 2 years. That could change however. Please pray for our baby, her birthmother and patience for us throughout the long wait. We completely trust God has already chosen the baby for us (she isn't born yet) and it's all his timing! We will use this blog for updates as well as info on fundraising to help fund the adoption. When we travel to China, we will post on this to keep everyone updated as well. Check back often!!! Thanks for letting us share our exciting news!!! Brian, Cindy, Emma Marie and mei mei Miyah


Unfortunately insurance doesn't cover adoption like it does most pregnancies. This is OUR path for building our family!! Could you imagine if everyone had to fork out this amount of money every time they gave birth? Not too many people we know , including us, have this kind of money sitting in their savings accounts. We are more than willing to WORK for the funds!! ;) This past summer, we had an AWESOME garage sale which people donated their unwanted items. We worked VERY VERY hard (and so did many of our wonderful friends) and raised $4,500!! That was a very successful fundraiser!! ;) We actually had to make our first major payment to our agency just a week later!! Just another sign that God is with us during this process. We have a ways to go so we will continue on with our fundraising efforts.

If anyone is considering participating in one or more of our fundraisers, please understand that you are helping place another child a loving home, not just helping us financially.

Below are our current fundraisers. Check back often for updates. We also have another garage sale this summer so start putting those unwanted items aside if you wish! Thanks!!

occuring once a month-check this often for monthly dates
3 hours of structured babysitting includes:
Suggested Donation- $15 per child
Music time
Play time
Story time
Next Parents Night Out
Email us at: laketahoe9@comcast.net to sign up
*this is only offered to friends and music students
What a time saver!!
Any profits we make from our side business will now go towards our adoption
(one of the worlds top 5 skin products) CINDY LOVES IT!
Nutrilite Vitamins and Supplements
(the worlds leading brand)
Amazing Cleaning Products
(most are concentrated so you only use a tiny bit. They last forever!! We REALLY love the laundry detergent!
Other wonderful products we use:
Satinique Shampoo and Conditioner (WONDERFUL)
Satinique styling products
Dishdrops dishsoap (concentrated, lasts FOREVER)
XS Energy Drinks (no added sugar)
many many more
Let us know if you would like a sample of something. We can also get you a catalog. You can order directly from our website or if you just want to try one thing and you are local, just let us know and we will add your item to our regular order.
This is our newest Fundraiser!!!
I have been successfully selling items on Craigs list. If you would like to get rid of some of that stuff now, before the big garage sale (date TBA) let us know and we will try selling it on craigs list. We don't want anything and everything as our garage can't handle it ;) just GOOD, SELLABLE items such as:
Baby Gear
Cute baby/toddler clothes
Outside toys
Cute, updated home accessories
other ideas?
July 2007
This will be a HUGE, Multi Family Sale
This will help bring home 2 orphans to their forever familes
For info on the dates and HOW YOU CAN help go to

Timeline for Emma and Miyah's adoptions

Timeline for Miyah

February 17th, 2006- We spoke about Emma's adoption at an adoption fare. Then we began to think of adopting again.

March 2006- We contacted our adoption agency with our intererest to adopt again.

May 9, 2006- Date we signed our official application with Bethany Christian Services

May-December 2006- LOTS AND LOTS of Stressful Paperchasing!!

December 5, 2006- Our paperwork (Dossier) was sent to the agency headcourters in Grand Rapids

January 5, 2007- Our Dossier was sent to China from Grand Rapids

February 6, 2007- LOG IN DATE (LID)

February 16, 2007- Got the email informing us of our LOG IN DATE

Timeline For Emma Marie

We wish we could have created a blog leading to Emma's adoption but we didn't even know what a blog was and well, her adoption was SOOOOOOOO quick!! ;) Praise God!

October 10, 2003 -Our pregnancy had to be ended due to a tubal pregnancy. NOTE: Emma was conceived just weeks later!! This was all God's plan!

February, 2004- Decided to adopt. NOTE: This is also the month Birthmom Laura began considering adoption.

March 3, 2004- Sent in our Preliminary Application

March 2004-June 2004- Sent in Formal Application, Paperchasing, Trainings, Made Scrapbook, Homestudy Interviews

June 9, 2004- Our last homestudy interview. We were told the average wait was around a year.

July 2, 2004- Completed Nursery- Our dear friends, the Kueflers came out and we had the time of our lives decorating this room. We knew that this room could be sitting for a LONG time but we really wanted to do it.

July 9, 2004- Got call that a birthmom pregnant with a BABY GIRL wanted to meet us!! Our excitement was undescriblable!!! Cindy was standing at the door at our friends the Kaines when she received the call. She was told the birthmom's due date was August 9th. We looked in a baby book for ideas on a middle name (we had Emma picked out for many years.) The name Marie really struck us, but Brian really wanted the middle name to have a special significance and we couldnt' think of anyone in our family with this name. So, we left it as a slight possibility. We weren't even picked to be parents yet, we were just SUPER EXCITED!

July 10, 2004- Went to Steamboat for the weekend

July 12, 2004- Met with Laura (whom is our beloved BIRTHMOM) at our agency.

July 13, 2004, 4pm- Got call from our agency that Laura had chosen us!!! What a day!!

Sometime this week- We decided to ask our agency to find out Laura's middle name as we thought that would be a possibility for a middle name. YEP! YOU GOT IT!! Laura's middle name is MARIE!!! God works in mysterious ways!! ;)

July 18, 2004- Met with Laura at Cheesecake Factory. We got to know her more and she showed us ultrasounds of Emma! At this point, she still had a few weeks to go!!

July 20, 2004- Cindy was walking with friends. Her friend Tanya, who shares Cindy's birthday made the commment that she had been praying our baby would come on Cindy's birthday. THEN as we were walking the cell phone rang and Cindy was told that Laura was going to be induced!!!

July 21, 2004- Emma Marie was born at 5:01 on CINDY'S BIRTHDAY!!! Didn't I say earlier that God works in mysterious ways??????? Emma was 5 pounds and 10 oz. She was 18 3/4 inches long. Soooooooo little!!!

July 23, 2004- We brought our sweet baby home!! This also was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with our dear Birthmom Laura whom Emma now calls Leedle!! ;)