Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Photography by Lyndsey Lewis-Lead of Love Photography

H i everyone!!! Well, I did it!!! I did my dance show! It was an
overwhelming, yet AWESOME experience!! My dance show was called, "The
Joy of Christmas" put on by Mary Constantine Nelson Dance Company. It
was a beautiful show. Anyways, I did get a little stage fright during
dress rehearsal AND the 2nd performance. The back stage at the
Lincoln Center has a REALLY DARK stair case that we had to stand it.
Pretty scary for a little 3 year old like ME!! Anyways, I got scared
and didn't dance at the dress rehearsal. BUT at the opening night, I
did the WHOLE dance, even after crying a bit back stage. My really
good teenage friend, Sadie helped me feel better. She is a dancer
too. Mommy was really nervous when she was sitting in the audience
the first night, I guess she had a tummy ache, Grandma was nervous too! When I came out on
stage, she said that she, daddy and grandma all cried, a happy cry. I
don't get that! Last night, (the second night) I got a little scared
of that dark staircase again and didn't run out at the beginning of
the dance, but Mommy encouraged me to run out in the middle of it, I
DID IT!! HEHEHE!! That was kind of funny actually.

This is a picture of me in my stage makeup!! It was fun getting a "done up!"

Emma Marie