Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Serious Ballet Dancers STRETCH!
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Trick O Treat
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Fall 2007

Emma and Mommy took a beautiful walk on the Pourdre Trail.
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Spelling Change-Miyah to Mia

Everyone is misprouncing her name. It's because of the way we wanted to spell it. We like the way Miyah looks on paper but we have realized that if we keep it that way the poor girl will constantly be saying, "It's MEEEEEEAH, Not MIIIIIIYA." That may get old quick. Brian was concerned about MIA standing for MISSING IN ACTION......I think he is the only one who even tought of that. So, it's Mia!!

We still wait and update or paperwork. We had a homestudy update in August and go for fingerprint updates in Denver tomorrow. Please pray that we continue to have patience through this long wait. I have to admit I am feeling a little discouraged about it again. It's so hard to think we may have to wait 3 years, could even be longer. We need prayer for patience AND prayer that if God has a different plan/path for us that we would recognize it and act on it.

Emma Marie keeps talking about her baby sister. Just the other day she said, "I am SO excited my baby sister is coming soon!" Maybe it's a sign?????

I am going to start posting more pictures of our family so you can watch Emma Marie grow on this blog.

Garage Sale Fundraiser-How much did you raise?

Hi everyone!! Thanks for stopping by!! We are so sorry we haven't updated this is a long time. Since the garage sale, we have been NON stop busy with one thing after another!! Wheeeew!! The garage sale this summer was amazing!! WE had so many wonderful friends helping out as well as donating tons of stuff to sell. We raised approximately $3,700!!! It was very successful!! Ben and Mellissa Nugent were surprised with 1/2 of the raised money for their upcoming adoption from Russia. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to help another family out. In fact it has been laid on our hearts to start a ministry at church to raise funds for others that wish to apply for grants to adopt. We hope to do that sometime in the near future. IF you are interested in being involved in that ministry, please let us know. We will continue to do our own fundraising as well.