Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hi!! I just did alot of blogging tonight. Scroll down to see an update on our adoption. Also, when you get to the bottom, click "older posts" for more posts from tonight. Thanks for visiting!

Elk Watching in LOVELAND

This is our welcoming committee to Loveland. YES! Elk in Loveland. They hung out in a field right by our house for a week. They might be back, who knows. We enjoyed visiting them often!
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Two Males together!!

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We're Back and CHANGE OF PLANS!

Hi everyone!! Ok so it has been a really long time since I have updated this. It has been a crazy summer. I can't believe I am saying that when it is already November.

Anyways, we do have an announcement. Through lots of thought and prayer, we have decided to pull our dossier out of China and pursue an adoption domestically in the states, an infant or toddler. We just announced this to our agency. We will work with the same social worker that we worked with for Emma's adoption. We will be updating our homestudy next week and turning in some paperwork and a scrapbook to begin the official wait.

The china process was just getting too hard to handle. The expected wait was another 3 or 4 years. We have already been waiting over 2 years. It is also very expensive to keep all paperwork current each year. Although we did grow to love the idea of a child from China (in fact Cindy and Emma even joined a playgroup with families with chinese children which have turned into WONDERFUL relationships) we are excited to be moving in a different direction.

We are confident God will still grant us the child HE has planned. Perhaps the wait for China was a stall for our future baby just like events that we feel were stalls before Emma was born.

It will probably take 1 or 2 months to get our paperwork in order, then we will again be officially waiting. With domestic adoption, there is no telling how long the wait will be since the birthmother chooses the adoptive parents.

PLEASE pray for:
1. Our continued patience and trust in God's timing in this process
2. Protection of the baby (possibly already conceived)
3. Protection of the birthmother and her decision to place her baby up for an adoption
4. Our fundraising efforts. We will be fundraising like crazy again with a garage sale this winter, parents night out babysitting, etc.

I need to figure out how to change the Title and web address for this blog. Mei Mei is little sister in Chinese, and well it doesn't make sense anymore, does it? Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for reading, praying and supporting us through everything! God Bless!


Happy Halloween

Emma just HAD to be Ariel for Halloween! Gotta love the hair!
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We moved!! We also FINALLY closed on our home! The day we signed the papers, we went to Home Depot and got pink paint for Emma's Ballerina room. She had fun helping. Since then, we have painted most of the house (the main level, it's a ranch style.) We are in Loveland now. We are enjoying the new neighborhood. It is quiet and there are plenty of walking trails.

Pink Ballerina Room

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Painting My Room PINK!

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Preschool Field Trip To Pumpkin Patch

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Grandma's 70th Birthday

We surprised Grandma with Cindy's sister Monda from Nevada. We met a restaurant and Monda snuck up on her and said she would be our server. It was SOOO funny!! The 3 grown up girls had a weekend up in Estes and had a WONDERFUL time. The colors were fantastic and the elk put on quite a show! Click on "Older Posts" to view a few pics of the weekend.
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