Wednesday, April 4, 2007


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Monday, April 2, 2007

Trying NOT to focus on the LONG WAIT

I keep catching myself wishing the time would go by fast so Emma can have her sister Miyah. Then I have to stop myself and remember that as parents we are always so amazed and saddened about how quickly time goes and how our kids grow up too fast!! While I have a reminder EVERY day with Emma talking about her baby sister Miyah (she REALLY wants to be a big sister,) I just have to take a breath and remember to enjoy EVERY day with Emma. She is 2 1/2 and will be 3 in July. She is learning so much, talks UP A STORM, loves playing with her friends and matures each and every day. Please pray we will remain patient through this wait and are just able to savor EVERY moment with our beautiful little family!! ;)

Here is a checklist of things I want to complete before Miyah arrives:
1. Emma's 1st year scrapbook. Then, I think the rest will be digital scrapbooks which I can print. I enjoy working on the computer way more than scrapbooking. ;)
2. Emma's new big girl room. It will be a girly room!
3. Start Emma in dance lessons. She can start when she is 3!! ;)
4. Take Emma to Disneyland!! We are going this summer!!
5. Take Emma camping. We haven't done this yet!! This is the summer!
6. Paint Emma and Miyah's bathroom.
7. Re-paint the basement. It is now a music room/playroom so the current colors (broncos blue and nightclub red) just look silly!
8. Start playing my piano on a regular basis again and enjoy that with Emma.
9.Continue raising fees to cover adoption fees.
10. Take out grass where play area is and put in pea gravel so it's a nice play area. DONE!
11. PRAY!!! Teach Emma God loves her.

This list to be continued..................................................................................................