Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mia Janae is Home!!
Soooooo here is what happened..................we got chosen by a birthmother on Thursday, June 11th (Monda's b-day) and were told she would be induced on Monday. At 9:30 am on Saturday, June 13th, Cindy got the call that Mia had ALREADY been born at 7:30 that morning. Cindy was FREAKING OUT!!!!! She called Jenny Mann and said, "HELP." Jenny came over and helped Cindy break down the yard sale she was having, washing the stroller, watering plants, etc. Another great friend (Kimberly) came and picked up the dog for a vet appt and she took her home with her while we were gone. Cindy's Mom also had Emma that morning for gymnastics when Cindy got the call!! So, much to her surprise, Emma was staying with her THAT night!! Cindy's other great friend Jenni George helped make some necessary calls. Cindy rushed around all day packing, tieing loose ends, ect. The agency didn't want us to head down until we heard from them again.
Well, we couldn't wait any longer. We finally hopped in the car at 3pm just so we would be closer to Colorado Springs when we finally go the call it was ok to come. And of course we DID get that call on our way down!!
It was quite the experience walking into that hospital. Once we FINALLY found the nursery they just let us right in. It was so weird because there were about 4 babies in there. Which one were we going to be led to? We had NO idea!! All we knew was the baby would be caucasion, african america and asian. Do we look for a light baby or a dark baby with a fro, hehehehhe!!!!
They led us to Mia and we picked her up into our arms and were in love. Ok so we were in shock too but heck, wouldn't you be???? In case you didn't know, we hadn't even met the birthmother.
We got to stay in the hospital with Mia in a really nice suite, the only suite there as a matter of fact!! It was great!
Mia's birthmother wants a closed adoption, which we totally respect, but is so different from Emmas situation. Anyways, Mia's birthmother DID end up wanting to meet us. We had a short, nice visit with her and her family just before she (the birthmother) was discharged. We got some pictures which will be so great to have for Mia. We are very thankful to have met her and her family.
Once Mia was ready to be discharged, the agency hadn't received our certification number yet. that's just a state technicallity that they have no control over. Since all of this happened SO fast there just wasn't much time for the paperwork to go through. The hospital let us stay an extra day so Mia didn't have to go to cradle care on Sunday night.
Monday hit and Mia had to be discharged. So, we go the news that she had to go to cradle care. Cradle care is kinda like staying with a foster family. We were pretty upset about it but also knew that it was just something that had to be done. It didn't mean there was something wrong or anything like that. It was just hard cause we had some AWESOME bonding time with her at the hospital and just seemed weird to have her go somewhere else. I am sure all you parents can relate to that.
Emma was staying with Grandma and papa while we were at the hospital in Colo Springs so we decided to have Brian go get her and let her meet Mia at the agency before going to cradle care and then going up to the mountains with us.
It was SOOO sweet to see Emma meet Mia!! She just loved her to death!! She only got to spend about 20 minutes with her, then Mia had to go. BUT we headed up to Bailey, Colorado too!

Mia stayed in cradle care for one night, which was Monday, June 15th. We followed her up there and stayed in a hotel. It was actually a good time to connect with Emma again as she had been staying with Grandma and Papa while we were at the hospital. The next morning, we went to the cradle care home and spent a few hours with Mia and the family. The are REALLY nice people!! At first is was hard to see her go stay with another family but we think this family was a blessing. They are very loving people and do this on a volunteer basis. They have to purchase all their own supplies to take care of the babies. We enjoyed getting to know them a bit while we visited with Mia.

After our morning visit, we took Emma to lunch at a cute place called, "Coney Island." We had a fun time there and played at a playground. Then, guess what? We GOT THE CALL that our certification number was in and we needed to go to the agency in Denver to sign papers and TAKE HER HOME!!! So, the sweet cradle care family loaded her up in thier car (we weren't allowed to take her in our car YET) and we all headed down together to sign the papers!!

We arrived home around 6pm on Tuesday, June 17th. What an awesome day!!

Mia is doing wonderful!! And I HAVE to mention that Emma Marie is a WONDERFUL big sister!! She has her own diaper bag and gets the supplies we need when changing her diaper. She holds Mia, sings to her and just LOVES her to death. It is SOOO special!!

Emma is excited to show off her baby sister tomorrow morning at church.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pray for Certification Number

Emma FINALLY met Mia today!!

Today was a big day! We have been waiting to get certification from the state (paperwork stuff) to go through so we could take Mia home. Well since this was all SOOO fast the certification isn't ready so we were not able to take her home today. She had to go into cradle care tonight. Cradle care is basically like a temporary home until we can take her home. So, Daddy went to get Emma Marie from Grandmas in Loveland so she could finally meet Mia at the agency. That was SOOOO sweet!! She is SO excited. Then, the cradle care couple took Mia with them to thier home in Bailey, Colorado. We could not stand the fact of being far away from here so we are now at a hotel up in Bailey. We will get to visit her often tomorrow. We hope and pray that the certification will go through tomorrow, but it may be Wednesday. Please pray it goes quick. It is hard to not have her with us right now. We miss her so much!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mia Janae Siebert

Introducing Mia Janae Siebert

June 13th, 2009
6lbs 2oz
18 1/2 inches long
We were expecting to go to Colorado Springs on Monday for the induction so we were spending the weekend getting ready!! Here is what happened:

9:30-Cindy received call that Mia had ALREADY been born!! We were asked to hang tight until social workers called us from hospital.

3:OO- we decided to get in the car and start heading down

3:30ish-Social worker FINALLY called back to give us the OK to come see Mia.........well we were already on our way for cryin out loud!!!

6:15ish-We met SWEET Mia!!! She is absolutely beautiful!!
We are staying in a room here at the hospital.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our JOY!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


We are SO THRILLED to announce that Emma Marie will FINALLY be a big sister!!! Our baby girl we be born in just a FEW DAYS! Praise God!

A few details:

Tuesday, June 9th -We got a call from Agency informing us a birthmother would be looking at our profile the next day (along with other familes.)

Wednesday, June 10th-birthmother looked at our profile

Thursday, June 11th -We got one call around noon with questions and info saying she was HIGHLY considering us.......THEN at 1:36 pm we got THE CALL!! They said, "well are you ready for a baby girl?"

Baby Mia will be born in Colorado Springs, we will head down there on Monday, June 15th. We'll keep everyone posted by facebook and this blog.

Prayer requests:

health of baby (so far everything seems just fine)
safe delivery
birthmother being at peace/her emotions during this HEART WRENCHING time
The birthmother wants this to be a closed adoption, meaning no contact with baby. PLEASE pray for God's leading in how to handle this since we have an amazing relationship with Emma's b-mom. And please pray for her healing/mourning process.
for Emma Marie-she won't be coming to the hostpital with us, but WILL get to come visit. ;) That God will help prepare her heart for SHARING a mommmy and daddy. She is SOOOO excited!

We'll post pics hopefully Tuesday or so!!!!!

THanks for your prayers!!

Brian, Cindy, Emma Marie and Baby Mia!!!