Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So, how's the adoption going?

It' funny, SO many people have asked this question throughout the process BUT I can't even tell you how many people have asked in the last few weeks!! ;) Anyways, we so appreciate that so many people want to follow our jouney by keeping updated and also praying for our family. Thanks everyone.

The thing is, there really isn't going to be anything to report on for a LONG time. Could be 3 years!!! We are in a line of around 30,000 applicants ahead of us. So, we just wait until it's our turn. Throughout the wait we will have to update homestudies, paperwork, etc as well as pay more fees upon each update. ;(

What is the reason for the long wait? Well back in 2005, the wait was pretty short, around 6 or so months, and China has always been knows to be a very stable program. So, back in 2005-fall of 2006 thousands of adoptive parents applied to adopt from China. They are now dealing with a HUGE backlog of applicants vs. "paper ready" children. They are still referring children to parents that applied back in 2005 in fact. I understand that there are only a certain amount of children let out of China per year, so the large number of applicants just means a longer wait. Too bad We couldn't all just go over there and get them all at once!! ;)

People also ask us why we don't change countries since it is such a long wait. Believe us, the thought has crossed our minds many times. Every time it does though and we pray about it we feel God is still telling us that our next daughter is already planned out for us and she is from China. We just have to be patient.

So, there is our update. Thanks for reading.