Monday, June 15, 2009

Pray for Certification Number

Emma FINALLY met Mia today!!

Today was a big day! We have been waiting to get certification from the state (paperwork stuff) to go through so we could take Mia home. Well since this was all SOOO fast the certification isn't ready so we were not able to take her home today. She had to go into cradle care tonight. Cradle care is basically like a temporary home until we can take her home. So, Daddy went to get Emma Marie from Grandmas in Loveland so she could finally meet Mia at the agency. That was SOOOO sweet!! She is SO excited. Then, the cradle care couple took Mia with them to thier home in Bailey, Colorado. We could not stand the fact of being far away from here so we are now at a hotel up in Bailey. We will get to visit her often tomorrow. We hope and pray that the certification will go through tomorrow, but it may be Wednesday. Please pray it goes quick. It is hard to not have her with us right now. We miss her so much!

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Rachel said...

Congratulations Sieberts. I will definitely be praying for that certification number and that she will not have to spend any more nights in Cradle Care.